Our History

Located on the campus of NJ's premier PolyTech University - NJIT,

the NJIT Highlanders Angel Network provides investment capital, mentors, and a network of resources for High-Tech (Life Science & Technology e.g. bioscience, information technology, advanced energy, electronics controls, sensors and advanced materials industries) private business ventures and to promote entrepreneurship activities at NJIT through exposure to Angel Investors who will make investments in worthy business ventures. 

When applicable, Highlander Angels will assist in forging partnerships for entrepreneurial companies. 

Our Mission

  • To create a forum for entrepreneurial-minded members for networking purposes and foster the development of new business opportunities
  • To advance the development and commercialization of technology, create jobs and stimulate economic growth
  • To support the mission of NJIT and the NJIT School of Management (SOM) by providing entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial students with mentoring and networking assistance that is essential for building successful new businesses

NJITHAN Membership Requirements

Membership in the  Highlanders Angel Network is based on the following criteria: 

  • Entrepreneurial experience - Highlander Angels members have experience in either starting or managing entrepreneurial-oriented ventures, or in supporting new business development in professional roles (venture capital fund manager, lawyer, banker, etc.); 
  • Support for new venture development - Members have interest in and capacity to support new venture development in the New Jersey metropolitan area and within NJIT; 
  • Accredited Investor Status - Accredited investors (based on the guidelines specified by the Securities and Exchange Commission);
  • Rules of membership and conduct - Willing to comply with rules and conduct specified.

Founding members